Who is Ms. Magdalena Calpito Cue?

A graduate of BS Psychology at Far Eastern University, former television commercial model and the beautiful woman behind the success of MAGS with over 23 branches nationwide. A Mother of 4 handsome boys and is married to a filipino-Chinese businessman from Cotabato City, Mr. Oliver John Y. Cue.

Ms. Cue’s Inspiration and how she started MAGS?

“My parents have a tremendous influence on me when I was a child. They ran several businesses.” Ms. Cue Continues “I was in College then and my role was to sell our goods and my parents said I am good at it so that has always been my duty. True enough, after graduating BS Psychology in Far Eastern University, my first job was a medical representative in a pharmaceutical company, Abbott Laboratories Philippine. 2 years after working I got married to a Filipino-Chinese businessman from Cotabato who was my boyfriend since College. My husband was assigned in a family Hardware corporation and I stayed home, I was then happily taking good care of my children.”

Ms. Cue shares how she started MAGS, saying, “Out of boredom and of course I also wanted to help my husband earn a living, I asked permission from him if I could work and thank God alleluia! He said YES!  so I started a small retail shop in a 40 sq.m space along the side street in a commercial building in Cagayan de Oro City, selling everything & anything, clothes, footwear, bags, accessories, home decorations and even pearl shake drink all in one shop.” She added. “That was the only business I could afford during those times but at least I have something to start with. I had so many clients then and after 2 years I wasn’t getting any profits from my shop. I’ve just realized I was like my parents, I sell everything & anything and ended up with nothing, so I examined myself.”

What were her realizations that led her to become an elite entrepreneur in the business world?


2. ALWAYS FOCUS ON YOUR GOAL- “my goal was to sell my apparrel brand MAGS which is obviously named after me. I chose my name because it is very easy to remember. Tip: never choose a company name or a brand name that is hard to pronounce and remember! Also to focus on your customers not on your competitors. ”

3. GO AND MAKE THINGS HAPPEN-  “I just didn’t expect that people will patronize mags & will become their favorite clothing line. It started in Cagayan de Oro then Davao, third branch was in Iloilo then Manila and now its nationwide in premium malls. My dream was simply to have beautiful clothes but God gave me MAGS.”

4. STAY PATIENT- “All businesses have ups & downs but always think positive that in every problems, there is always a solution.”

5.CONSISTENTLY PROMOTE AND ADVERTISE YOUR PRODUCT- “Start everything by selling yourself! In selling, Image is everything. I showed people that I use my product and that I am proud of it! Also I got Famed Exclusive Celebrity Endorsers like Rica Peralejo, Cristine Reyes, Angel Aquino, Alice Dixson to name a few together with so many celebrities. Now there are so many ways to promote our products like in social media, which I think has the most powerful influence now and also I consider it as the best marketing tool.  We do marketing collaterals as well and post it inside the mall’s designated areas or in official public display areas to boost our sales.”

– “Mags is also known for the fashion show of the Real People wherein our models are our valued clients. I entitled it Fashion Show of the Real People. In this way, we are also helping them develop self worth, individuality and self esteem. ”


– “I learned how to handle things with class and grace at an early age because my mom was careful with what she says and acts. But in work I learned how to be tough, we must know when is hiring and when is firing! We must know how to value the people who work for us. Treat people with kindness and respect. As a businesswoman, my goal is not only to earn but also to provide people jobs, teach them how to be productive and learn to empower others. Jack Ma is my favorite businessman next to my husband!”


Ms. Mags Cue as she continues to stun us with her beauty and success has also been awarded as one of the best dressed women of the Philippines. She also made it to Mindanao GoldStar Daily People of the Year. Awarded as One of the The Best Dressed Women of the Philippines. One of the Top Inspiring Women of the Country and the Past President of Rotary Club of Cdo East Urban. She is currently the President Elect of Soroptimist Greenhills. She was the Former Chairman for Mutya ng Pilipinas for many years and now as the Pageant Consultant of the said beauty organization. In addition, she is also the Chairperson of Miss Cdo and on it’s 4th year now in making a trademark as one of the world class pageants.